“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father.” – Roger von Oech, toymaker

Dodger and Adrienne Arp created Bravo Bucks to impart the value of money to their three young children, Lily, Mary and Griffin.

After trying many unsuccessful methods to teach them the concepts of earning, saving and spending, the West Palm Beach, Fla., couple realized that the abstract nature of modern banking and consumerism was difficult to explain to young minds.

“If you just use a plastic card, where does the money come from?”

“Can’t you just go to the bank and get more money?”

“Why can’t I buy this?”

An attorney by day and an art enthusiast in his free time, Dodger wanted to create something tangible to help the kids earn money for the things they wanted, without using real currency.

He started out with a simple point system that allowed Lily, Mary and Griffin to earn and save small pellets, which the family sculpted out of modeling clay and painted together, then redeem them for a toy or treat.

The children responded immediately and positively. Dodger and Adrienne knew they were onto something.

The pellets evolved into a unique paper monetary system that empowered the kids to work toward their goals with the earning concept now more closely mimicking real currency.

The children learned how to manage their own Bravo Bucks. And now, they not only made their beds, set the table and unloaded the dishwasher, but they also started collaborating.

They helped each other complete tasks and pooled their resources to obtain bigger, more expensive rewards.

Before long, the Arp children were proudly telling friends and family members about helping with household chores, cooperating for a common goal, saving for future rewards and spending responsibly.

Lily, Mary and Griffin were learning some of life’s most basic, and important, lessons, and they were having fun in the process!

Believing their experience could help other families, Dodger and Adrienne decided to share Bravo Bucks with fellow parents, grandparents, family friends and all who work diligently to raise young children.

The Arps look forward to hearing from other families about how Bravo Bucks is enriching families and cultivating smart young consumers.

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