Bravo Bucks

a fun twist on allowance

Bravo Bucks

a fun twist on allowance

Bravo Bucks helps parents teach children the concept of work and reward while they’re still young. The more daily tasks kids complete, the more Bravo Bucks they can earn for a job well done!


  • 50 Bravo Bucks bills
  • 4 task lists
  • 2 writing pads
  • Game rules

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Step #1 - Assign
The jobs you assign to your kids should be age-appropriate and should include morning, afternoon and evening responsibilities. Use the enclosed task lists or make your own.
Step #2 - Earn
Decide how much each task on your list is worth. In most homes, each Bravo Buck has a value of about 10 cents.
Step #3 - Redeem
Choose a day of the week when your children redeem their Bravo Bucks for a reward. For most families, Fridays make the most sense.
Step #4 - Reward
Children will eagerly adopt the Bravo Bucks program when they understand they’re working toward something they want — a new toy, a piece of sporting equipment, a trip to the movies. Each child is different, and finding out what keeps children engaged is part of the fun!
  • Rob Singer
    This is a game changer

    My daughter never remembered to make her bed before school. Bravo Bucks has remade our morning routine.

    Becky O.
    Thank you, Bravo Bucks!

    Now that our family uses Bravo Bucks, my kids actually look forward to doing their chores. I never have to ask twice.

    Connor, Age 7
    Bravo Bucks is the best.

    I clear the table and help Mommy make lunches for me and my brother. I like getting my allowance in Bravo Bucks.

    Mary Ann Brandon
    Where have you been all my life?

    Bravo Bucks is such a blessing. My grandkids love it! I wish we’d had Bravo Bucks when my children were young.